Tom King’s Batman: Will The Dark Knight Fall Further Than Ever Before?

Tom King’s Batman: Will The Dark Knight Fall Further Than Ever Before?

We are now three quarters into Tom King’s raved Batman run and the end is in sight. King a former CIA agent and creator and writer of award winning comic MisterMiracle has spent the past year breaking down Batman in ways that has never been seen before in the characters 80 year history. Starting with the build up to Batman and Catwoman’s wedding and her subsequent jilting at the altar, King has taken ol Bats through the wringer, trapping him in his own “Knightmares” for seven issues and even revealing his own father Thomas Wayne to be working with Bane to defeat him.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter King has stated “What we’re going to do for the last 15 issues is something no-one’s ever seen for the character” and  “This is a change that’s going to shake the world of Batman and it’s going to leave my mark on the character." With only 29 issues left of King’s run, we can expect a whole lot to go down in a short time! Will Batman and Catwoman finally marry? Will Bane break the bat harder and worse than he’s done previously? How will the Two Waynes confrontation shake out? So many questions and still so many months of speculation. Hit us with your thoughts below!

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